Which 6m do we have to suffer ?

Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

Let me first set the mood – Press here .

Now lets take a look at what the genocidal maniac Lennon said –


Now watch this small video interview here.

First on the list of deception – The Open Court monthly magazine 1897 page 270 an historic reference – ‘6,000,000’ Jews perish.

Now feast your eyes on this list, compiled with the help of Toshiro, numbers 236! 

Read this article which reinforces these facts….

“The Holocaust is a successful historical FICTION”! ~ Chief Rabbi Arye Friedman from Vienna Suddeutsche Zeitung, Dec. 12, 2006, p. 7

6,000,000 Jews were referenced 236 times since 1911”!! The sacred number entitles the Talmudic tribe, a wolf cry of martyrdom over the gullible goy, in the guise of the” Ho£ocau$t”!!. 

So the Question should be ? Holodomor v Fuck 6m

1911 – Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Vol. 2, 1911, page 145

“While there remain in Russia and Rumania over

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