The Story Behind The Story

Ok, friends.  I haven’t wanted to tread on this ground simply because it has been my experience that it is well beyond the scope of most people to comprehend, even though it is all completely true.   Furthermore, nothing will label you a “crackpot conspiracy nut” by the “establishment” faster than disseminating this information.

So be it!!!

I have personally researched literally thousands of documents and patents related to MK Ultra, and the Nazi scientists brought to America under “Operation Paper Clip” over the last 2 decades.   Without a doubt, I have come to the following conclusion: a contingent of heinous madmen have, since the early 50’s, successfully put together a most impressive network of technological achievements designed for one, specific, highly malevolent goal: to literally mind-control and program the entire world’s human population, in order to achieve their goal of a Utopian “Fourth Reich”.  These Nazi psychopaths did not disappear…

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MY OWN CIRCUMSTANCES PARALLEL THOSE, of CHARLES AUGUST SCHLUND'S : SCHLUND v. BUSH, 9TH CIRCUIT COURT of APPEALS, STATE of ARIZONA, RICO LAWSUIT AFFIDAVIT : http://www.truedemocracy.net/td-9/06.html http://www.vid.me/69bw ,,: http://www.vid.me/1XHK http://www.vid.me/NU7D ,,: http://www.vid.me/BxeK http://www.vid.me/iK8z ,,: http://www.vid.me/eSLe http://www.apfn.org/apfn/RICO_affidavit.htm I was targeted in February 2004 by Gloria R. Goldwyn (an alias.Her real name is Gloria R. Liff. She has family in Israel). She was then working as a social worker, for the Boston V.A.,Causeway St. Clinic.I've been to 15 countries since these torturous, EMF / DEW / Chemical - Covert Druggings / Gangstalking assaults began,after being targeted.This STASI fashioned program (In the USA the program was put in place by the X-DHS Head, Michael Chertoff, by bringing in X-Stasi Head, Marcus Wolfe, & the X-KBG General, to head the DHS's JTTF, which is used as an operational platform, for all other Intelligence Agencies CTTF's.) is global.This fits perfectly with the main themes of what you read on the internet about : THE HOUSE of ROTHSCHILD / LUCIFEROUS FREEMASONS / NWO /,AGENDAS. http://www.facebook.com/DavidFultonTorture http://www.vid.me/DavidFulton3 http://www.vid.me/David_Fulton3 http://www.DavidFulton3.com
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