The fascist psychopaths at Britain’s GCHQ are now using microwaves to threaten dissident writers with bankruptcy and prison through bringing false charges against them, charges which will allow the British government to confiscate the bank accounts of anyone who goes against repressive government policy.
That the British government is so corrupted is reason enough for anyone – political dissident or not, to seriously consider getting their funds out of Britain whilst they still can. Remember, it’s already happened elsewhere and that alone should be warning enough.
Desperate to get more cash by any means whatsoever the totally corrupted British government is obviously lashing out at its detractors, much like the Americans who are prepared to continuously torture anyone until they falsely confess to ANY crime; no matter how terrible, that the American’s dream up.
That the British could be stupid enough to closely follow their…

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MY OWN CIRCUMSTANCES PARALLEL THOSE, of CHARLES AUGUST SCHLUND'S : SCHLUND v. BUSH, 9TH CIRCUIT COURT of APPEALS, STATE of ARIZONA, RICO LAWSUIT AFFIDAVIT : ,,: ,,: ,,: I was targeted in February 2004 by Gloria R. Goldwyn (an alias.Her real name is Gloria R. Liff. She has family in Israel). She was then working as a social worker, for the Boston V.A.,Causeway St. Clinic.I've been to 15 countries since these torturous, EMF / DEW / Chemical - Covert Druggings / Gangstalking assaults began,after being targeted.This STASI fashioned program (In the USA the program was put in place by the X-DHS Head, Michael Chertoff, by bringing in X-Stasi Head, Marcus Wolfe, & the X-KBG General, to head the DHS's JTTF, which is used as an operational platform, for all other Intelligence Agencies CTTF's.) is global.This fits perfectly with the main themes of what you read on the internet about : THE HOUSE of ROTHSCHILD / LUCIFEROUS FREEMASONS / NWO /,AGENDAS.
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